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Why Are We Here?

At First Orthodox Presbyterian Church, we exist to glorify God by deepening our relationships with, strengthening our commitments to, and actively serving God, His people, and the world. We seek to help each person and family at First OPC to deepen their saving relationship with God in Jesus Christ; to help bolster their active commitment to the Lord, and to aid each one to become a mature Christian who serves God faithfully from the heart.

The following summarizes the core principles we believe are biblical and most important for this church. These are the operating principles for our ministries. They are consecration, community, and commission.

Consecration (worship)

We have a commitment to:

·Have worship services that are God-centered.
·Glorify God and enjoy Him in worship.
·Lead God’s people into a growing relationship and active commitment with Him in biblical worship.
·Engage with full enjoyment in worship characterized by reverence and expectant faith.
·Actively encourage individuals and families to develop and hold private, family and corporate worship with consistent regularity.

Community (building up and growing in Christ)

As a community of God's people, we seek to:

·Develop closer, caring, godly relationships with one another as Gods family.
·Cultivate an active commitment among the members to Christ’s Church.
·Biblically and sacrificially serve one another in love.
·Nurture each other in the Faith through the ministries of God’s Word and the sacraments (baptism and Lord’s Supper), and faithfully pray with and for one another.
·Build hope through various acts of mercy.
·Demonstrate biblical love by godly oversight and caring discipline.

Covenant Commission

Being a covenant (bound together by our relationship with God in Christ) community, we are given a commission from Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19) to:

·Actively and regularly declare the Good News of Christ.
·Guide God’s people in an active commitment to seek and form fully devoted disciples of Christ in their various spheres of influence.
·Serve as a spiritual “incubator,” raising up and sending out those whom God has called to minister as pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, and/or missionary associates.
·Conduct Christ’s work through a passionate demonstration of His truth, mercy and love in the surrounding communities and regions beyond.

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